While site prep several months ago could certainly be considered real progress, seeing construction of the brewery itself is quite a different story.

Today was a big day!  Our building permit finally came through and David, our builder, hit the ground running.

At this point we had to make some quick decisions in terms of building materials. We had been going back and forth between board and batten or brick for the brewing portion of the building.  David had to know before footings were poured as the decision affected the width of the footing.  Ultimately, brick won out and the width was set appropriately.   


Luck was on our side in terms of weather; with no rain in sight, not only did the footings get dug but they were quickly set with rebar and concrete was poured. 

We’ll have another small lull until the masons can fit us into their schedule to start laying block, but at this point we are just happy to see the outline of the brewery really start to take shape!  Keep a lookout for vertical construction starting soon!