With the equipment off our plates, at least for the time being, we went back to focusing on the site and the building.

We started purchasing trees at Bremo Trees and planting them along the road to get a jump on the screening that will be necessary.  This was the first time we had ordered from this particular nursery but had seen their trucks around the area a few times and decided to give them a call.  We could not have been happier that we did!  Not only have they been amazing to work with but just visiting the nursery which sits on a historic plantation just up the road along the river is an experience in itself.  You can learn a bit more about the now privately owned property here.


With building plans almost locked down, the ongoing selection of building materials was next. One aspect we began to look into was the floors for the tasting room. Given that the taproom will be playing such an integral part in the brewery, we knew from the beginning that we wanted something unique. Given that it’s new construction, it’s difficult to get the right look without breaking the bank. Having worked with them in the past, we reached out to E.T. Moore in Richmond who specializes in reclaimed flooring and got a chance to go to the warehouse and speak with the owner. Luckily, it looks like they have some viable options for us to use. The ultimate decision for this is still a bit down the road, but it’s great to know that we could be headed in this direction and it was an amazing experience getting to see where the wood is all milled right here in Richmond.


With the majority of site prep wrapped up, we’re all anxiously awaiting construction to start in full.  Keep checking back for what should be footings and foundation photos coming soon!