While exterior work hasn't progressed too much since our last post, the tap room and brewing space are getting some great detail work.

This past weekend, we were all able to get in and have a family work weekend at the brewery.  Lauren and her mom, Ellen, spent their time putting up subway tile behind the bar; Lauren's dad, Jeff, and I spent the weekend trying to figure out how to hang slate; And my dad knocked out as much window and trim painting as he could.  All in all it was a successful weekend and we felt like me made some nice progress.

The day we were there working, the wood floors began to go down which really started to change the look of the taproom.  Wood wainscotting has been hung all around the walls and are ready to be painted while the drywall has already been primed.

In the production portion, drywall has been hung, primed and painted.  We decided to hang a corrugated metal wainscotting around the base of the walls so Gabe can go nuts with the hoses.  The walk-in cooler started to get its finishing touches while the carpenters started work on the large rolling barn doors that will go between the taproom and production area.  Tile has been laid, cleaned, grouted and quickly dirtied.

Less sightly (hence the lack of photos) but even more important items such as all of the septic tanks are almost completely installed.

Next up will be painting of the taproom, finishing of the wood floors, tiling of the bathroom, kitchen and behind the bar.  Some true signs of us getting close have occurred such as Gabe stuffing our chest freezer full of wonderful smelling hops!   Won't be long before we begin moving our equipment in which of course will warrant another post so be on the lookout!


P.S. It's getting a bit nuts around here so I apologize for for a hastily written and a likely spelling error riddled post.  I probably wouldn't have even posted this if it weren't for my brother, Matt, bugging me so he can have a distraction at work.  You're welcome, Matt.