It's hard to believe it has been a month and a half since I posted anything! First off, let me apologize for that. Secondly, let me make it up to everyone by sharing some great progress over that time!

Since the end of January, the painters have wrapped up everything they needed to do, inside and out.  Site work has also been completed with all grading finalized and walkways cut.  We've managed to plant dozens of trees between the brewery and the cottages and also spread a half dozen dump truck loads of mulch.  Planting boxes have been built and are ready to be filled while hop poles have been set.  Gardeners Laura, Suzanne and Alexander have everything planned out for the fruit trees and bushes and are ready to get them in the ground.


Greg Harlow, our amazing electrician, is finalizing his work inside having hung all the outside gooseneck lights last week.  He can be seen below confidently inspecting his work.


Just as much, if not more has changed indoors with the most exciting addition being equipment on the brewing floor.

High bay lights are installed so Gabe and Dan can finally see what they're doing in there.  Next step is the tedious work of installing glycol lines for the tanks which Gabe has bravely decided to take on himself.  Kettles are set with hood and duct work on their way.  The other week we received our licenses from both TTB and ABC which was a huge step.  This means water and certificate of occupancy from the county are all that's stopping us from smelling that sweet smell of brewing!  And, based on Gabe's Belgian Dubbel I'm currently enjoying, it's going to smell quite good!

Heading into the taproom reveals its own progress and steps towards that first beer poured at Fine Creek Brewing.

Walls are painted, beams are stained, and we've started to hang our funky schoolhouse lighting.  Cabinets are in behind the bar ready to be stocked with glassware and growlers (coming soon.) The majority of the kitchen equipment has also been delivered which means Sarah's warm handpies are that much closer to being in front of me!

While a lot of progress has been made, there's still plenty to go.  Next post ought to have a completed bar top, deck furniture, a beer garden, cleaned brewing equipment, glycol lines and maybe even some tap handles!  Keep checking back.  We're getting close!